Monday, September 21, 2009

chronological disorder

have been trying to get back to doing this band x band site in chronological order- but have so much on my plate at the moment- and so many files in disorder- that it is taking more time than i'd expected.

i began the "doug duffey/street level/ new orleans" band page a while back, but have recently found more fotos, artwork, fliers and have been scanning them. have also been busy transferring live performances of the band in 1988 [recorded on 2 track stereo cassette tapes] to digital- editing them for a soon to be released "je ne sais quoi" 'album'-or 3- thinking digital download only.

i've been through a lot of musical phases in the 45+ years of my professional musician/artist life. i think all those phases are important, and have brought me to where i am today. i also think it is rather impossible to separate them. even though my current status is "blues/soul/rock"- there has also been a lot of funk and techno and various experimental periods at times.

most of my writers tapes contain extremely genre jumping material; usually very personal and not meant for mass consumption. this band by band site should explain some of that. but as time goes on, i realize i need to put everything [of good enough sound quality] OUT to the globe, as i have always wanted to. technology has finally made that possible.

all the various projects will slowly be added to and released on under my name.


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