Wednesday, April 1, 2009

champagne- doug duffey & the distracters- the next

champagne:[original members-when i joined]
doug duffey- vocals
bryan armer- guitar/vocals
gene thompson- bass/vocals
gary acklen- keys/vocals
john brown- drums

in monroe, i began working with/ fronting a band called Champagne, which had been around a while and was a successful partyand club band. we worked the louisiana and mississippi club and college circuits. we did almost 90% covers- all the top 40 hits- which was not really what i wanted to do musically...but it was a good band...

we recorded several of my songs at jy studios, which i unfortunately shelved until i could get enough for a complete lp. but, that never happened for various reasons. [but those tracks may get digitized and re-surface online soon]

i eventually left Champagne, taking some of the band with me, and started 'doug duffey and the distracters" - a more rock/new wave oriented band.
distractors: [1st version]
doug duffey- vocals
bryan armer- guitar/vocals
larry allen- bass
randy ross- drums

oddly enough, the band eventually changed back to most of the original champagne members. and the spelling of the name changed too...

doug duffey- vocals
bryan armer- guitar/vocals

albert moore- bass
ricky andrews- keys
john brown- drums

other members:
george phillips- keys
paul torbert- guitar

when the eventual demise of DD&TD came, i began 'doug duffey and the next' [since it was 'the next' band] - we were more of a punk/jam/improvisational band, and dabbled in funk, reggae and ska [we were even doing classic rock songs in reggae/ska style]- as well as R&B and rock... and total chaos most of the time.

doug duffey & the next:
doug duffey- vocals/keys
bill dunn- vocals/sax/flute
peter harmon- guitar/vocals
mike starns- bass
george phillips-keys
brent adams- drums

[c]2009 doug duffey

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  1. couldnt have had a more fun time.... playin in your band was hella fun AND funny.... and ALWAYS musically rewarding.... Doug, you were ALWAYS a great musical influence and NEVER restrictive, always encouraging us too....

    thanks Doug!